Not Dahoud – Liverpool Can Finally Agree $125,000-a-week Star Signing for Just $11m

Ukrainian international and Dynamo Kyiv star Andriy Yarmolenko has been linked with a move to England for a long time.
According to the latest reports, the 27-year-old winger could be heading to the Premier League with Spurs, Everton and Stoke waiting in the wings.
The Sun have claimed that the above mentioned PL sides have chased the versatile attacker for years. Perhaps, they forgot to mention the name of Liverpool, who have also tracked him for years and were even linked with him last summer. A few reports from the past are provided below.

  1. 2013 (Daily Star via Sky Italia)
  2. 2014 (Daily Mail)
  3. 2015 (Daily Mail)
  4. 2016 (Mirror)

Yarmolenko has been a key player for Kyiv, who has regularly scored and created goals for the club. He is mainly a right winger but can play effectively on the left flank as well.
This season, in 17 starts, Andriy has directly contributed in no fewer than 9 goals (5 goals and 4 assists). He has scored 28 goals in 66 games for the senior national side.
As per the provided Sun link, the word is out that the Ukrainian side are ready to sell the £100,000-a-week star ($125,000-a-week) for just 9 million pounds ($11million).
Yarmolenko is a quality player, who has a contract with Dynamo Kyiv until 2020 and last summer, he was rated around 30 million euros (RP Online). The Sun have not explained why his asking price has diminished so much now.
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  1. Adonnay says:

    Forget it. It will never happen as long as Klopp is still wearing the same old pair of eye glasses.

  2. RED PHIL says:

    This is what frightens me about LFC. We’ve been after a player – Dahoud – for ages but are regularly told he isn’t for sale or would cost well over £25m. Now, when he just might become available, we seem to be switching our sights to Yarmalenko who would be significantly cheaper. Remember Dele Ali and Erikson, both of Spurs? We wanted both – with Dele Ali being a fanatical Reds fan – but we kept refusing to up our bids in the absurd hope the selling clubs would reduce their asking price and, on both occasions, Spurs jumped in, paid the full amount and got two of the best midfielders in the country! And here we are again, penny-pinching and about to lose Dahoud to Juve or anybody else who doesn’t count every penny.
    Similarly, we almost got Begovic, from Stoke at that time, and he even mentioned in the press how he was eager to meet his new team-mates at Anfield. Then, a day later, Mignolet was signed for £2m LESS . . . and the rest, as they say, is history.
    We’ve got to get out of this habit of watching every penny because, in just those three examples, we’ve lot some great players. Just imagine how high in the league we’d be with Ali and Co. in the team?

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