Can Bob Bradley Turn Swansea's Season Around?

bob-bradleyBob Bradley, 58, the newly appointed manager for the Swansea Team, is currently battling for a spot in the Premiere League. However, he is under fire not only from fans but also from the Supporters Trust of the team.
The decision to replace now former coach Francesco Guidolin was triggered by a 2-1 defeat from Liverpool, making Hewkins come to the realization that they needed to change things in order to move in a positive direction.
Swansea is currently in the 17th position out of 20. This brings them out of the relegation zone, making note of the goal difference.
A Brief Overview of Bradley’s Career
His career started as Bruce Arena’s assistant for Major League Soccer in 1996. He had a successful run, winning Coach of the Year for Chicago Fire in 1998 then headed back to handling MetroStars in 2002, to be later fired until the 2005 season, amidst the substitution incident in 2003.
By 2006, he would revive Chivas USA from its dismal performance, even though they only finished in third place for the Western Conference. He had also entered coaching for World Cup tournaments, including FIFA.
Bradley became more prominent as he coached the Egyptian team in 2011 despite the civil unrest going on in the country. He led the national team, winning the first six matches at the 2014 FIFA Qualifying Cup, losing only to Ghana during the playoffs’ third round.
After his non-renewal with the Egyptian team, he took on Stabæ Football, making him the first American to manage a European club. His win in handling the team led him to signing a contract and joining Le Havre AC where he also won.
Swansea Appointment and the Team’s Future
Despite reluctance from the fans and a celebration on the part of the US football community, Bradley has his own supporters in top management, particularly those who hand-picked him for the position. He told his team that he would exude “total commitment.” He would settle in South Wales as part of training the team. In his first interview, he stressed that he wanted a team who was committed to winning and who would work hard, unselfishly, and in the right way.
He has a tough game road ahead, as he has to do everything to stop the decline in Swansea’s ranking. Many in the Premier League currently have the best coaches in the world and this brings about the question of whether Bradley has what it takes to be in that tier.
For sure, Bradley would be guaranteed a contract regardless of the game’s result. However, the pressure is on Kaplan and Levien as they would be pushed to second-tier League championship if they further succumb to loss.
A Word from a Former Player
Landon Donovan, an LA Galaxy and MLS legend, said in an interview that Bradley’s appointment was exciting for everyone. He said that Bradley wanted the opportunity to be part of EPL and now that he is, he just has to prove that he is the right person despite the reluctance and trepidation of the fans and other concerned parties.
He adds further that Bradley is an honest coach and does not like manipulating players. He also lets them learn to be accountable for every action they make. He treats everyone equally and does not give anyone special treatment. Lastly, he said that Bradley is successful in everything he’s done, and with Swansea, it would be the same.
Swansea and the Game
Bradley definitely knows how to play the game and perhaps the bookmakers would be confident enough to take the risk on Swansea. Despite the backlash and bad publicity, the game would be on Saturday, and we would all find out then if he can indeed deliver.

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