Jurgen Klopp Clear to Seal $53million Star Signing for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp DortmundAt the moment, Liverpool have more than a few strikers with players like Origi, Sturridge, Ings, Benteke and Balotelli in the squad.
The Reds are not really linked with a move for a striker, however, the situation can completely change if the unwanted strikers like Mario Balotelli and Christian Benteke are sold. In all fairness, they must be offloaded and Klopp should look to sign a top striker this summer.
Back in April (Daily Mirror), the Merseysiders wanted to sign Alexandre Lacazette and were considered favorites to hire the services of the Lyon star. Now, Klopp has a clear opportunity to seal his signing after the comments made by Bruno Genesio.
According to the latest reports (The Telegraph), Lyon manager has claimed that the 25-year-old striker can be sold if the club receives a huge offer.
Not to forget, Arsenal are heavily interested in signing the Les Bleus star and the French club have recently rejected an offer from the Gunners.
As per the provided Telegraph link, a bid of 40 million pounds ($53million) will be needed to secure his services. In your opinion, should Klopp splash the cash and sign Lacazette?
Alex Lacazette

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  1. Dillon says:

    We won’t be buying lacazette or will we buy Hector . We also won’t buy Jesé Rodriguez , Messi, ronaldo , Lucas moura, Higuain , etc

    • Loren says:

      Agree with you, Dillon, especially if Klopp is successful in persuading Jamie Carragher to come out of retirement and return as a striker-in-chief for Liverpool. The rumours refused to die down after it was revealed that Klopp watched numerous videos of the legendary hoofer scoring countless own goals – some of which stunned Klopp because of the quality of the strikes. A close aide revealed that the Anfield boss was adamant that Carragher is clinical when it comes to scoring goals and that finding the back of the net is second nature to the retired player. Let’s all pray that Carragher will return for the good of the club that he so dearly loved.

  2. RED PHIL says:

    We NEED another striker as the ones we’ve got won’t manage to play 20 games per season each and it is pathetic to think we can do well with attacking midfielders deputising for injured strikers time after time, as would be the case.. This French guy is as good as is available, probably the best on the market, and he is, apparently, not injury-prone. Mind you, when he gets to Anfield he probably will soon be on crutches!
    Desperately need a new striker and desperately need a new LB but even though Jonas Hector is almost begging JK to come and get him nothing is happening. Typical bloody Liverpool. Knowing us we’ll make a couple more last-minute signings . . . two more attacking midfielders!
    We’ve looked VERY ordinary in our friendly games and next come up against Barca who, let’s be honest, will probably give us the stuffing we can expect on current form. Just what we need with Arsenal away the next weekend!!!! Will this Lacazette score a hat-trick in that game . . . for Arsenal?

    • Loren says:

      Stop being so mean, RP. You don’t know the sheer hell Klopp had to endure. Would you sign Hector, Lacazette or any other player knowing that Moreno, Lucas, Henderson, Milner, Markovic, Balotelli, Benteke, just to name a few, had gone down on their knees pleading to stay at Anfield. Yup, I guess you won’t.

  3. John Lindsay says:

    Left back please ee need one. Striker please we need one, Sturridge is not a team player, thinks he is better than he is, always did. Man City and Chealsea both seen through him and got rid

  4. NW says:

    No Europe squad looking stronger than last season. Lecister won on team work and lets face JK will have team work flowing through the squad by the end of August. Arsenal first will be in the same boat as us it will be a slow rusty looking game but lets be honest best football starts in October.
    with the squad now and more to come only playing once a week its a good opportunity. Noted Pundits saying 5/6/7 and so on but the bookies are no mugs (Leciester to one side) odds on LFC are low for a reason.
    less games also means less fatigue so sturridge could kick on and have a 30 goal season.
    other top managers are watching JK this season as they think LFC could be the ones to watch.

  5. rob nicol says:

    Lacazette signing for LFC is laughable.We need a left back and a defensive midfielder why on earth are we being linked with everyone but.It is absolutely ludicrous to talk about signing another striker when we have two we haven’t got a hope in hell of selling (thank you brendan).Isaid weeks ago LFC should try to sign Gabriel. Last week Man city mentioned him, today they signed him (in the words of the immortal Tommy Cooper) just like that.No poncing about with low offers or pissing about with work permits.We aren’t even operating at the top end of the market so surely there is a couple of second raters we could bring in to cover for the second raters we already have,rather than playing guys out of position all the time. Yeh i live in hope. YNWA.

  6. Nick Skmit says:

    Why is there always so much talk about players that we can get and then it happens that rival teams just snap them away in front of our noses with little fuss? Is there too much talk with no action or are we just fooling ourselves all the time? Why can’t we just buy what we need and get it over and done with? Surely Klopp must know that we need to strengthen our defence and get a decent striker to score as many goals as possible to get us back into the Champions League. If we can get a defensive midfielder on top of that it would truly be the cherry on the cake. So why all the talk? Let’s just do it! The owners need to know what we need and make the funds available as simple as that! Enough said!

  7. Adoonay says:

    How many ‘Hail Mary’ will I chant before somebody out there wake up and put a round peg in a round hole? I have been very catholic, at the right time, trying really hard to tell those concerned that right now LFC as a whole doesn’t need strikers or midfielders anymore. Now am protesting against any LFC’s interest forwarded on midfielders and strikers no matter who it involves. It is very easy for LFC to win the Premier League this season if the defence is ‘rock solid’. Can’t we create a record of scoring just one goal in every match and never concede? It is easier than scoring ten goals and conceding nine. Please let’s see just two more signings and let it be ‘very good defenders’. Then I can start an advance arrangement to drink from the league cup five matches before the end of the season.

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