Leicester to be Handed with Five Points Deduction – Boost for Spurs & Arsenal

Riyad Mahrez Leicester CityTottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will be over the moon with the news that Leicester City will have five points deducted in the Premier League.
The title race will then be blown wide open as Spurs will be level on points with the league leaders and Arsenal will be six points behind the Foxes with a game in hand.
The five point deduction is being handed to Leicester taking into consideration the Financial Fair Play Rulings.

This issue has been ongoing for over a year now. Last year, Leicester City reported excessive losses way beyond the limit allowed by FFP (Leicester Mercury).
As per the provided Leicester Mercury link, in such a scenario, the Foxes could have got a transfer ban or a multi million pound fine but after discussions, no action was taken as the club ensured compliance of the rules within a year.
However, failure to comply in the given time-frame means that they will now suffer even a bigger punishment in the form of five point deduction in PL and a fine of £5million because such insanity can only make sense on April Fools’ Day.

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  1. Prail Loof says:


  2. David says:

    There is zero, and I repeat zero possibility this will happen. So no story

  3. Erik says:

    Oh what’s the date again? Literally a few minutes into April the 1st and you post this? How original.

  4. Hubert says:

    A very good one and very kind of you to remind readers of 1st April immediately in case of being fooled the whole day.

  5. Jimmy The Hat says:

    Haha, if only!! Good April Fools..

  6. Delford Magaya says:

    This a fool’s day, so be careful not to take it seriously.

  7. Dave says:

    Glad it’s April fools day.

  8. Nigel Hardy says:

    ha ha ha, thankfully I’m just awake enough to work out is April Fool!!!

  9. Barbes says:

    I like that is the best April fool of the day. yeahhh!!!!

  10. Nick Jackson says:

    I knew it was an April Fool as soon as you suggested Arsenal might have a chance lol

  11. Ashralomar says:

    Hahaha, I was like spurs oyeeeeeee!!!!

  12. lawal says:

    Don’t fool urselves,Leicester will drop points on their own!

    • Maggi Dave says:

      I’m sure you’re right. But to most Leicester fans if that is the case, so be it. It’s been a joy to watch that team this season and they’ve excided all expectations.

  13. nathan dunkley says:

    That’s as funny as farting a leaf of holly

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