20:45 Atletico Madrid – Benfica

I really like the look of Atletico Madrid here. In the first round of games they made short work of turkish team galatasaray and put them to bed pretty early in the tie.

Griezmann and Torres seem to be gelling well and they could get a few between them this season. I fancy Madrid to win this group pretty easily and they will want the 3 points here to get an early lead in the group.

Benfica are a bit of a weird one that are sometimes hard to gauge. It's tough to get any sort of read from there domestic form as most teams in there league are nowhere near the standard that they play at so most games are so one sided. But in saying that we have to go off previous seasons, Benfica have always performed when in the Europa league but struggled when playing the really top teams in the champions league and I reckon there going to run in to one in atletico.

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