16:00 Angelique Kerber – Misaki Doi

This is an awesome match to take the over 19 games on. Angelique Kerber is just coming off a championship win yesterday in Stanford, and I'm sure she got on a late flight to get up to Toronto for her opening round match today against Masaki Doi.

Doi took out two decent players in Dellacqua (she screwed me yesterday!) and Ana Konjuh. In those two matches Doi hasn't served particularly well, but she has a brilliant 57/22 – winners/UF errors ratio in those two matches, and if she plays that well today during rallies, then I could easily see this going 3 sets. Kerber was absolutely exhausted yesterday, as she and Pliskova had a knock down, drag out 3 setter and towards the end neither girl could hardly stand.

All that said, Kerber is easily the better player over Doi, but the lady from Japan is playing well this week, and I don't see Kerber running right through her on short rest. I would almost go on a limb and say this could be the upset of the day, but in the end I think Kerber gets by. Going to be really, really tough though as the Stanford tourney took alot out of her.

Take the over 19 games on this one. Killer odds.

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