15:30 Slask Wroclaw – LKS Nieciecza

Nieciecza is in many respects a Specific team and last year they shot down many records, namely where they come from has only 750 inhabitants and is thus the smallest place in Europe that has qualified for the elite class of some European leagues, the other important thing to note is that currently have to just play at home because their domestic stadium has kapaceitet about 2,200 places and the Polish 1st league minimum capacity of 4500 seats, expected in that situation in the first 2 rounds entered the 2 losses without a goal is scored and the more they lost in the Polish Cup of ni┼żeligaša .. slask went into the season slightly weaker mostly because Europe where they expect something like that but immediately threw Sweden Goteborg so you can now devote their domestic league where in the first 2 rounds entered the defeat of the legions which is nothing unexpected and point be.rr.y.nka drive Sczecin which is not bad when you know that they 3 rounds have not lost the backbone of the team paixao and pich are still there, so that today it's time for her first victory of the Ekstraklasa Slaska. GL!

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