10:00 Rogerio Dutra Da Silva – Radu Albot

in this Challenger event Rogerio Dutra Silva is playing against Radu Albot, Silva has a ranking of 283 and he has a service record of 64% of first serve points won and 49% of second, he was beaten in the quarter finals of both the Marburg challenger and the Sao Paulo challenger, his best result this year is a final defeat against Delbonis(82) at Milan, Albot has improved his ranking from 168 in 2014 to 93 today,he has a service record of 63% first service points won and 44% second, he was beaten in the final at Poznan where he lost to Martin(175), he was beaten in the Hoff open where he lost to DeLa Nova(134), his best result was a win in the Kolkata open where he beat Duckworth(111),Albot is showing the better form and at 2.43 looks an outstanding bet

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