How Rodgers will Finally Solve his Biggest Dilemma at Liverpool

Liverpool FCUnder the management of Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have signed many defenders for almost every position.
Cissokho and Moreno for left wing back position. Toure, Sakho, Ilori, Lovren and summer signing Joe Gomez for central defense. Manquillo and the latest arrival Nathaniel Clyne for right wing back position.
Clyne and Gomez have been added this summer. Not to forget, they also had Agger and Carragher, still Rodgers has been unable to sort out the the defense.
Three years and the former Swansea manager has failed to work well defensively even when he had quality defenders at his disposal. In the past two seasons, Liverpool have conceded over 50 league goals and defense was the main reason why they eventually lost the Premier League title in 2013-2014 season.
The question remains, will Rodgers be able to solve his biggest dilemma at Liverpool this season?
Highly unlikely that young versatile defender Joe Gomez will get the nod to start but Clyne surely will. Nathaniel was a top defender for Saints last season but again even Lovren was the best Southampton defender when he arrived at Anfield. Unfortunately, the Croat did not work well at all under the management of Rodgers.
Skrtel sealed new deal with Liverpool, him and Sakho should start in central defense when fit with Moreno on the left hand side. Rodgers is not a good manager at setting up defense, that much is well known now. The fans are always holding their hearts whenever Reds concede a set piece.
The only solution is that Rodgers must seriously consider signing a top defensive midfielder as the team has been more sound at the back with someone like Lucas covering the back four. Always looking to outscore opponents is not going to work when you do not have Suarez anymore.
As far as set piece situation is concerned, we hope the manager has learned a thing or two from the past few seasons.
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  1. Spoonthumb says:

    I think Adding a Defensive midfielder is great against certain opposition but it also proved great using a back three against others so not sure what is going wrong back there. The omission of Lucas left us weak many times though whether we had three or four.
    I felt that one of the biggest problems was using a back three and indeed four when two of them were always missing up field. One problem was Johnson who not only went missing up field but also who’s attacks led to nothing.Moreno was less effective this season than last probably because of not having a player with the finishing abilities required to aim for. Our midfield too, often gave the possession away and left us stranded. Sterling lost the ball far too often and when he was deep pulling the others with him our defenders were not quick enough getting back. Another issue was having the keeper with the worst kicking ability I have ever seen. Mignolet gave away possession almost every time he kicked the ball. He must be taught to pass to his players preferably by throwing it.
    So In summery I think get the players to stick to their roles and make sure if our right or left back goes up field then someone else covers. Our side looks more balanced now which will make all the difference but we still need a lethal finisher to fill the role of target man.

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