Deal Already Agreed – Liverpool will Officially Seal Star Signing

Brendan Rodgers LiverpoolNot sure if majority of the Liverpool fans wanted this but it seems like Reds will have Chrisitan Benteke in their squad soon.
The merseysiders have completed some key signings this summer but the signing of superstar striker was always needed since they badly lacked goals last season.
Benteke is by no means a direct replacement for Luis Suarez, the fact remains that there is basically none but will he prove to be a regular goal scorer for the Reds, only time will tell.
According to reports, Liverpool will officially seal the signing of Benteke within days after by meeting the asking price of 32.5 million pounds for the Belgian international
As previously reported, Liverpool have already agreed deal to sign the 24 year old star striker and the transfer is now all set to happen.
Benteke is a proven Premier League striker but one that might not suit Liverpool’s system. However, Rodegrs perhaps thinks otherwise and that is why Reds are serious about signing him.
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  1. Aji says:

    Goodnews to #LFC fans….hope, its true and will materialised in a short time. Welcome Benteke

  2. ian says:

    Another silly signing, always looking for sell-on value,
    Why bring-in Ben, when he’s in the same mode as Belli????Crazy!!!!! , Plays central, does not run the channels, can hold up the ball.
    If Belli can’t score from the poor play from poor players behind, I can’t see Ben netting many,
    BR, IF THIS IS CORRECT – You will be gone by end of year. Unless he blames too many new players, need time or coaching staff etc.. The real-reason, relates QUALITY!
    TWO CM – In my opinion, Hendo, is a squad player – Cam is still learning – Allan / Lucas so poor, bring nothing to the table, None of them can DRIVE-FORWARD with the ball at their feet, Pass square,
    The question need asking, prior to reply, Can they give Chels-Matic a run 4 his money? Answer No. No more said….
    Defence – Well giving Skerts a new contract is CRIMINAL….
    His record since coming back into the team at Swansea, season before last, equates to two-goals a game.
    As for the twenty mill on his partner in CRIME…
    Well do not be surprise, when he does not get any better in his second season!!!!!
    As for the GK position, well, Bogdan REALLY!!!!!
    James M, What the , THIS CHAT THAT HE WILL BRING SOMETHING TO THE MIDF, is utter-nonsenses, JM – Will he play 30-40 yard balls? NO – Will he score the goals? NO – Will he be a box to box player? NO – will he drive forward with the ball at his feet? NO – LFC NEW CAPT? Possibly!
    Silly decisions, will cost BR his Liverpool career.
    Quality, pace and mobility, put us us in the position two season ago (5 points clear and three games to go).
    Presently, much more investment is needed to get LFC back to the top. Sorry, I am not one of those LFC fans who believes achieving fourth place is a good season. If your in ti, then I want LFC to win it. NOBODY REMB SECOND PLACE.

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