20:30 AA Gent – KRC Genk

The second round of the Belgian Jupiler League opening two teams that were in the last five years, except Anderlecht were the only ones who have managed to get to the championship titles. However, Genk has managed to do just five seasons, while Gent only last year for the first time in its history, became the champion of Belgium, which also won and qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. However, the new championship season is better opened Genk who won at home against Leuven, while Gent only drew away to Westerlo. In addition, Genk and last year was more successful in their mutual clashes, and so at home won 3: 2, while Genk there were no goals.

I have already said in the introduction that the Ghent team last season and somewhat unexpectedly came to his first title of Belgian champion, which are also managed to break the three-year dominance of Anderlecht. However, their biggest rival in the battle for first place was but Anderlecht Club Brugge, who is the first completed part of the regular season, while Ghent was only the second, but it was obvious they had even more of a motive in the playoff because then played the best they can and have been in the finish climb on the highest podium.
However, this title win now brings with it a lot more responsibility, so that they in the summer priority was to preserve all of its best players, while also happens to be strengthened with defender Elhamedom, cleat Johansson, midfielder and striker Matton Coulibalyjem. And after the start of the season in the Supercup celebrated with a 1: 0 win over Club Brugge, everyone expected three points at the opening championship game against Westerlo, but they are as guests only drew 1: 1 so far definitely want to come to victory in this domestic trial with Genk, which will otherwise miss due to injury only defenders Gershon and Johansson.

As for Genk, I can freely say that they have failed in the past season because the first regular part of the championship just finished in seventh place, but then in the playoff for a place in the European league table to finish behind Mechelen. Of course it's all right now resulted in the cancellation of the Scottish coach McLeish, while for him on the bench Genk arrived Maesso local expert, who is in the last five years with much success led the team Lokeren.
As for gaming changes, during the summer left them only midfielders Hyland and Joseph-Monrose and striker de Ceulaer, while the amplification is certainly worth mentioning the duo, who arrived from Standard, and it is a midfielder Buyens and experienced striker De Camargo. And it was a right move of the club's best to confirm the start of the new season, because it is the de Camargo was a double scorer in domestic defeat of Genk 3: 1 of Leuven, so that they are now a big dose of confidence to go on and contest the current champ . Suppose even that because of injuries to first team still does not compete Walsh defender, midfielder and striker Cisse Mboyo.

Once you are at home in Westerlo won only one point of the current Belgian champions now look forward to at home and come to the first championship victory of the season, no matter what, they host always unpleasant Genk.

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