20:00 NK Koper – Maribor

On the eve of the start of the championship of Slovenia in a match for the Super Bowl will meet the owner of the National Cup champion country Koper and Maribor. Koper, unlike in Maribor, has managed to play a couple of days ago, the first official match of the new season. The team successfully launched in the Europa League qualification. In the European Cup Koper away minimally managed to beat away Icelandic Vikingur.
Maribor preparing for the start of the season through friendly matches, the results of which can hardly assess the state of the team before the start. Still, it was a period of preparation. In terms of implementing Maribor his opponent is much stronger, and physically will look fresh. Stats-person meetings developed also not in favor of Koper that beat Maribor last time in 1992.

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