19:00 Preussen Munster – Bochum

Preussen Munster – Bochum
pick: 2
odds: 1.75 ladbrokes, 1.73boylesports (stake 6/10)
; 1.70 skybet; 1.67 bet365 (stake 5/10)

Game plaeyd in Helker Berg, aplace which is located near both teams (23 km to Munster and 55 to Bochum so we could expect bigger support for Bochum)

Preussen Munster so far quite unimpressive at the marekt – new additions fom u19 team and regionalliga. They were left by many playes:def. Hergessel (24/0); def. Scchimdt (29/4); midf. Siegert (32/1), striker Zenga (19/2), midf. truckenbold (25/1) and some back choise players. Still, some of the players are injured and team will be quite mixed here, far from optima level. As their coach stated, this is more of a physcial endurance traning for them. They are overall a good team for 3 BUli standarsd but transfers have to be made to achieve their goals but for this game they look quite vulnerable, especially in midfield.
Bochum were left by Tasaka, Latza and Sestak. However, they managed some good additions – WIjnaldum from GA Eagles, Hoogland from Fulham and also in squad are Gregotitsch, rafael, haberer and Weis from Hoffenheim. Some of them will make their debut today.
Bochum played already 2 friendlies against teams, consisted of players who I doubt play better than myself and managed to score 29 goals and allow 0. Today is first big game agaisnt an opponent they played 2: 1-1 draw in 2013 and 4-0 win back in 2011 friendlies.
It seems like quite big value here, Bochum look much more superior, alrady are on track and face a side in transition period. Fair odds around 1.45-1.50 here imo.

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