19:00 Osijek – Dinamo Zagreb

Meeting the current champion and already ten years of the untouchable in the first Croatian football league Dinamo and nurseries of talent that higher a couple of years struggling to survive as sadly Osijek. What to say about Dinamo after a disastrous game against Hajduk and worse games in the qualifying round of the Champions League go to Osijek and there guests will try to wash at least part of the stain off. For a club that is genuinely financially toys by names and salaries of the strongest in the region, especially the outstanding youth of their schools to the way of complete amateurs play against me is not understandable why we made this pair of upright quota because frankly Osijek against Dinamo does not deserve One can only pray that Nedoba five pieces. I do not want to underestimate the Osijek but Dinamo for three classes of stronger club when they want.

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