18:30 Robin Haase – Horacio Zeballos

Robin Haase will meet with Horacio Zeballos in the second round of the Challenger in Scheveningen.

I think Haase is currently in a much better shape than Zeballos. In the first round he defeated Russian player Karatsev, while last week he defeated Thiem in the Davis Cup with 3-0 in sets.

On the other hand Zeballos in the first round had an easy job against 541th player in the world Alexander Sidorenko.

Haase will also have a huge advantage because he will play in front of home fans and he will have great support from the audience. Last year he played very good on this tournament and reached the finals. So now when he is in great shape I expect a good result from him and I think he will not have too many problems against Zeballos.

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