18:30 Karabakh Agdam – Rudar Pljevlja

There is a huge difference in quality, Qarabag Azerbedzjanska is a great team that played last season solidly in the Europa League, have a fine foreigners Danilo, Reynald, Richard, CHUMBINHO and many others, on the other hand really bad team Rudar Pljevlja from which I saw before 10-day live, a friendly match was concerned, they are very bad, real amateurs, a team composed of local players and some foreigners have Japanca Nomu 22/3 Ryota who had not played that game, and neither will this leg was in cast, led a Cameroon Soppoa, which in this game was desperate, dog than 2 meters can not guess.
With all this left the club two best players Japan's Kohei Kato 31/7 (Podbeskitzie) and Nemanja Mijuskovic 29/4 (Vardar) and Vule Vujacic 13/4 only the spring part played in the miner.
It is a long and difficult road to Azerbaijan so that was another minus for the miners and do not give them the slightest chance in this match.

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