18:00 Odd – Valerenga

Norway, Tippeliga

Odd – Valerenga

pick: 2 +0.25 ah
odds: 2.40 sbobet (alternative: 2 +0.75 ah @1.81 sbobet)
stake : 6/10

Odd made some very good games after the Internationals break but played 4 games since then, including a game in Europe League (won 3-0 away to Sheriff Tiraspol) on Thursday. Fatigue come with that and so are injuries of key players: E Gionasen and F Gionsen are out for the game, midf. Jensen is a doubt.

Last weekend Valerenga were dominating big time Bodo but were turned around in the last minutes. Prior to that, they drew Molde 0-0 as visitors. So far the team has managed 29 goals and has an impressive 4-3-0 record as visitor. Only problem is that first 2 goalkeppers are out (goalkepper who plays today is from Konvksinger but has experience in Spartak Naltchik and tippeliga team Lillestrom), however Straengel and Waeherl return from suspension and are expected to start.

Oddly enough I think odds are unjustified because of bth teams' latest results. This is a game between two top teams, given the circumsatnce I would say Valerenga is a bit better. Still, game played on artificial turf which boost hme advantage and Valerenga has a bad record against odd lately despite that all games were really evened out. Nevertheless, I believe that visitors can score at least once here and there is big value in backing them. Fair line is +0.25 with 1.90 imo

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