18:00 Atlantas – Beroe Stara Zagora

In this first meeting of the first qualifying round of "Europa League" Atlantas accepts Beroe Stara Zagora. The hosts are a team of Lithuania, who managed to get to participate in the race after having delivered a very strong season for his standards. Certainly they are not among the top teams in the country and their qualification for this tournament was considered a surprise.

However Atlantas gets his chance and will try to use it. Since launching the Euro participation, however the team will have a very serious challenge ahead.

The team Beroe Stara Zagora gave a very strong season and definitely impressed with his performance in A native group. Stara Zagora have shown that they can resist any team in the country and deservedly came to participate in the second strongest European club tournament. They have some very good quality players who can decide any match.

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