11:00 Great Britain – France

The game is played on grass at Queen's.
UK: Andy and Jamie Murray, Inglot and Ward.
France: Tsonga, Simon, Gasquet and Mahut

Day 1: Murray-Tsonga, Simon Ward
Day 2: Inglot / Mahut Murray / Gasquet
Day 3: Murray-Simon, Ward-Tsonga

France on first look have better team, but Andy is key here. Andy is always good in these conditions and I expect both victories. On the other hand expect to Ward lost both duels. So I think that the couples decide.. and Britian have adventage there. Jamie Murray played the Wimbledon final in pairs a day, located on the career ranking # 20th, play with Inglot that is slightly decreased recently in 40th place and was in the top 20. It was the most runs break of three months by the had because of an injury but now everything is fine. The two played together in the second month against the United States when they lost to the Bryan brothers in five sets, 9: 7 in the fifth. Mahut is good double player, but the rest of team dont have quality and experience for doubles.

For me GB is bigger favorite here than bookies think and i must take this odd. Value bet surely. Good Luck!

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