00:45 CD Sport Loreto – Universidad Cesar Vallejo

Sport Loreto is a good team that holds the 5th position in the league with a not-too-great score of 3-2-2, however, they've proven that they can stand their ground when they are the home team by winning in 3 out of 3 matches when hosting(vs. Cienciano, Cajamarca and Aliana Lima).
Cesar Vallejio, on the other hand, is a team who is currently 8th in the league but unfortunately for them they haven't won a single match away from home(0-1-2). Although they are the winners of Copa Inca they are missing several key player who are off to play for the national tema instead. So dispite the lack of injuries they may not be able to perform at their best. It may seem like a close match but Sport Loreto should be able to take the win.

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