20:50 Nancy – Limoges

Nancy lost already two matches with 17 and 18 points. But what they lost is players: Florent Pietrus, Vaughn Duggins, Randal Falker, Benjamin Sene. Loss of Falker is heaviest of all. Limoges gets to defend their title they have good form, Adrien Moerman , MVP in first two matches , has good form. Limoges is a team with high point percentage in the lelague, highest 3 point percentage as well and Nancy is the poorest in free throws percentage 67%. Nancy plays some of the worst basketball in home court, so no advantage. Whole season they rank in lower half table when considering home plays and reverse when they play away. Last They play traditionally good away and when they get trasheed two times in a row get it that Limoges will win for sure in their court as well.

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