20:45 Derry City – St Patricks

Although not well St.Patrick started the season still stands as one of the better teams in the league and they will try to seize the city that leads to qualifications for the Europa League, they flee Shamrcok 6 points, Derry City a little worse and worse they are mediocre, they will fight for survival have some problems with the composition of this game play without using 4:
Derry City: Clucas 10/1, Timlin 12/1, Lowry 14/2, McBride 9/0 and Dooley 0/0.

St.Patrick game without using two Brown Byrne 12/0 and 14/2 in the team captain returns O'Brien 6/0.

Both teams are in bad shape, but I expect that this St.Patrick come out as a winner.

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