20:00 Thw Kiel – Lemgo

Kiel are celebrating the title, they need a minimum point (provided that the RN Lowen wins his match), then it is clear that in Kiel today celebrates title. Such matches, especially when the opponent is weak, in most cases they look like magazine today and I do not expect any solid defense. The main reason is that over the game with – Lemgo. Those who had monitored (German) handball, know that lemgo is rung&gun team that people play fast center and that their games are rich with goals.
This is over and here are some figures last in the last 11 matches played in Kiel:
Kiel – Lemgo 32:20
Kiel – Lemgo 38:25
Kiel – Lemgo 36:24
Kiel – Lemgo 35:26
Kiel – Lemgo 35:26
Kiel – Lemgo 27:27
Kiel – Lemgo 33:23
Kiel – Lemgo 32:27
Kiel – Lemgo 37:30
Kiel – Lemgo 37:29
Kiel – Lemgo 34:31
Kiel is averaging 34.20 goals per game in this matches.

I expect and today lot of goals and today.

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