19:00 Karlsruhe – Hamburg

Match who decides who will play in the Bundesliga next sesone. First match ended with the tie 1:1, so now in Karlsruhe easier position in front of their home crowd awaits the match Hamburg. Karslsrue the first match outscored Hamburg striker but failed to come to win, while a team of Hamburg continues with bad parties and this must match that with a lot better game went to attack the host. After the first game where Karlsruhe was stronger in the field expect that the front of their fans at least achieve a goal, and the visitors must score at least one goal if they remain in the elite.

The meeting between the last five matches:

Hamburg – Karlsruhe 1:1

Karlsruhe – Hamburg 0:1

Karlsruhe – Hamburg 4:2

Karlsruhe – Hamburg 3:2

Hamburg – Karlsruhe 2:1

I expect goal on both side today.

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