18:00 Albania – France

The French should win here, although Albania's supporters often intimidate the visiting side, due to their atmosphere. France showed great character to come back turn a possible thrashing from neighbours Belgium, into a 3-4 defeat. Albania are a far weaker side than Belgium, so I can say the away side banging a few goals in, and whilst France have shown they are prone to letting in goals, I doubt Albania have the fire-power up front to cause the French any real issues. France had a poor performance and result to Belgium last match, they went behind quickly and their goals in a 3-4 defeat all came at the end as conciliation goals in truth. However france now need a good performance and I do expect this to mean Deachamps makes chances giving some of the substitutes who produced a respectable finishing score to the Belgium match a start and see a good win Vs far weaker opponents in Albania.

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