17:00 Pinar Karsiyaka – Fenerbahce Ulker

Very chaotic situation for Fenerbahce in this playoffs. If somebody would have told me that Karsiyaka will be leading 2:1 after 3 games I would think he is crazy. However, this happened and now the pressure is on boys in Fenerbahce to take an away win.

However, result does not say everything. Karsiyaka managed to get 2 of those wins in overtime. Fener was very unlucky with FG%, while Pinar had very high FG %. This made that difference which is now messing with Fenerbahce's plan to play finals.

I am sure Zeljko Obradovic will not lose this match, he will prepare boys and will take a win so they can finalize 5th game at home

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