15:15 Andy Murray – David Ferrer

Two players who know each other well, as were fifteen meetings to date, with nine wins for murray and six Ferrer. Before coming to this tournament murray was in great level, winning all their games on clay, and is still playing very well. Ferrer started the year well and saw his level dropped a little, but now seems to be resuming its best. We can see this tournament one Murray large stage, with high quality game and a smith who is keeping as always, a lot of race and will. I believe in a very balanced and long match between the two, hardly any will be able to open advantage. Ferrer has played more with the first service that murray, has maintained higher levels of second service but has been a little worse with the first, so I think overall the ferrer service is better here. Defensively Murray has proven rather large attacks in every game, Ferrer has been good defensively but thanks to his physique. I believe in a much more balanced game than the odds suggest, I believe that the chance of winning each is 50/50, thus the value is all in odd Ferrer.

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