15:00 Serena Williams – Lucie Safarova

Safarova I watched the semi-final against Ana Ivanovic, honestly I'm not thrilled
something, she was more because Ana is only one player to attack a hack so if you flew in the field burst, Serena is the best player in the world and I think that there is none that can match her Especially not let Safarova which are raised to the heavens so far are 8 times, all eight times he got Serena, twice played on clay in Charleston both times both games he Serena Crushes 6: 0,6: 1 and 6: 4,6: 1 last match they played last in Beijing Serena won with 2: 1.
Serena in this tournament had a problem with the first set, even the 3 games he lost the first set, if today to get through and not lost, pregazice Safarova who also did not shine at the RG by the results, struggled in some matches untied it came to finals.

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