14:30 Albert Montanes – Taro Daniel

Montanes made another surprising win on his way to this final by beating Albert Ramos yesterday. he played on good level, and took advantage of the Ramos clumsy plays. However, Albert had real problems with controlling the match on that day, and when he finally broke him in the second set, he couldn't hold the lead, got broken right away, and if I recally correctly, he lost all remaining games till the end of the match.

Daniel is 22/4 on clay, and seems to have no intention of stopping. He won one challenger tournament in Vercelli, reached quartfinals in Mersin, and Rome. Got past all three round of qualifications to Roland Garros. He is playing well, but had little luck in the main draws of bigger tournaments (Verdasco, Almagro). He is a good runner, and has quality defending skills. He destoryed Blaz Rola in the semifinal 6-4 6-0, and seems to be in a right state of mind to clinch his second title this season.

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