12:30 Albert Ramos – Albert Montanes

I was considering betting against Albert Ramos today, because I believed that Inigo Cervantes could make a small upset here, but Ramos prevailed against in-form Inigo, and beaten him in straight sets. It was quite a difficult task, because as mentioned above – Cervantes was in really good shape, and he also has very good serve.

Montanes is not getting any younger, and it finds reflection in his results – he is only 13/14 this season and this is only his second quarterfinal this season. The rest of tournaments he was finishing on first, or second rounds. I guess you can't beat your age, and with 34 years old is getting tougher to maintain the good form.
Ramos has potential for something more, he still has some problems with stabilization of their form, but on good day, he should win this one in straight sets. I assume that he can have the bad day, hence pick for a simple win.

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