12:20 Yuichi Sugita – Mate Pavic

Game last round to qualify for the Stuttgart tournament. Sugita first dispute the tournament, Pavic was here last year and stopped in the second round of qualifying. Before coming to this tournament the year the Japanese was better. We can see from the two previous games where Pavic has served impressively, keeping indices player top100, and all this playing with very first service, so should not allow Japanese attacks in the game. On the other hand the Japanese as always stands out for its good defense, but here the defense of second Pavic service is even higher, sugita comes from a difficult game in three sets and that their odd can only be justicada the great victory in that game against the alejandre Falla, but Pavic also faced a good opponent and passed without suffering breaks. I believe that is serving as Pavic should pass without difficulty and justifies this odd here

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