12:00 Rajeev Ram – Samuel Groth

Well, there is no hidden logic here.
Tournament is played on grass. Grass favours good servers, because it travels faster after hitting the ground. Groth holds the unofficial fastest serve record (263 km/h) and now you can imagine how hard it is to return such ball. He can be down 0-40 on his own serve (like against Mitchell in first set) and this means nothing, because he steps in, serves one ace, one unreturnable serve, and sets up one easy point to finish with the smash, and from three break points you have none. Two more aces, and game is closed.

Groth served 11 aces today against Ward, and 14 aces yerday against Wang. His 1st serve points won percentage was 88% and 93% respectively.

Ram is also quite good server and he won already 3 matches here without losing a set. 6 sets played, 6 sets won, and lost his serve only once.

Summing it up, two good servers, fast surface, I can't see more than one break per set. With a little bit of luck this can get through with 7-6 6-4 to whoever is more fortunate tomorrow.

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