12:00 Monica Niculescu – Ana Konjuh

Nobody expected this finale, on the one hand tennis player in poor form with bad games on the grass on the other side a young 17years tennis player with the first ATP finals in his career. As Niculescu is concerned, it is up to the other day had a desperate season. Up to 3.6 is not tied two victories in tournaments, and had a total of only 6 wins in a season. After falling early in the RG moved to the ITF in Marseille, which she won. Two days later, he moved to grass here in Nottingham where he was Lepchenko, Govorstova, Conte and Radwanska. It hung in every match, and each played three sets, and inverted commas, scenes especially against Radwanska when he managed to turn the match. As far as Konjuh, one of the major tennis hope. The grass she is perhaps best base, last season through Kvale made it to the third round of Wimbledon, which she lost to Wozniacki. In this tournament play terrible, the running order Rogers 6:0, 6:3, Dellacqua 6:4 6:2, Vickery 6:2 6:2 and Riske 6:4 6:3. Yesterday he had to play even two matches due to rain and done them too easy. Niculescu tries entire tournament, otherwise it is the grass weak foundation and in my opinion it can not be the favorite here. Konjuh plays great, sweeping the tournament and this quota is I have to play in the final and I hope that after the first final on the line and first senior title.

Good Luck!

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