10:00 Novak Djokovic – Rafael Nadal

The last and also the most interesting quarter-par Roland Garros, make the defending champion R. Nadal and the first player worldwide N. Djokovic. Last season they played the finals, but primarily due to the fall of Nadal in the ATP rankings, draw them together already this season in the quarterfinals, and this is also the so-called. sword "final before the final." Within eight-finals Nadal 3: 1 win this season great, J. Sock, while Djokovic completely outplayed R. Gasueta leaving him only six games.
Mutual ratio of these two players is 23:20 in favor of Nadal. This season they played one match under the semi-finals of the Monte Carlo Masters, a better result was Djokovic (6: 3 6: 3). Nadal was the last time Djokovic won last season in the final of Roland Garros (3: 6 7: 5 6: 2 6: 4). Djokovic is the first time a big favorite at Roland Garros in front of Nadal, but it is unlikely that one of these two players finished the match in straight sets.

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