10:00 Farrukh Dustov – Joao Olavo Souza

Souza is desperate series after that defeat in DC than Mayer, he recorded 8 losses, but in the last 2 matches showed some signs of life, was defeated by Sousa and Gimeno-Traver, but played equal kits where a break deciding the winner, a lack of confidence caused him to be the one who lost it all. He was losing matches, but he lost at the ATP level, picked up a decent check in Paris, now goes to collect a bit of confidence. On the other hand, another player who has a bad series, Dustov has 7 consecutive defeats, of which only one match in the main the draw of the ATP tournament (delivery Stepanek for the violation of the right leg). For Souza, now begins what will last until the end of the year, CH on clay with occasional trips to the ATP ranking depends on how much it is allowed. Each series comes to an end, he came Gulbisovoj, Doce and his, ideal opponent for something, Dustov on clay 0 3 this season.

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