04:00 Fiji U20 – Uzbekistan U20

Here's a very interesting guy than me for nocas.U comes to the match between Fiji and Uzbekistana.regards Uzekistana they first match with Honduras losing 4: 3.Other match expected from the Germans 3: 0.Nista specially showed in this championship. They still have a chance of going through but they need to win with greater Ralik in this match and that Germany wins Honduras.regards Fiji they expected received eight pieces of the Germans while in the second match in quite a nice match drugacije.Poceli first used the opportunity to score .Posle only 4-5 minutes a new opportunity and exploited again to make the half-time lead with 3: 0 against Honduras and so ended mec.Second half were defending themselves and preserve their gol.Na this match I expect goals in both mreze.Uzbekistan will surely chase to score goals and I can see that Fiji has a chance to use counter-attacks because they have 2-3 players who really amazing running such as Verovou who is the star tima.Odlucio I to 1X in this match because Fiji is sufficient if the Germans X victory and expect to Fiji to go to the map

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