02:00 Tampa Bay Lightning – Chicago Blackhawks

After a long and very interesting season and we finally came to the end. Quite deservedly in the grand finale meet Chicago and Lightning. Although they did not finish in the first positions in their conferences during the playoffs as giving the best parties and now have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Chicago has won the trophy five times, while the Lightning was the champion of the NHL and only once. Blackhawks are in the conference finals against Anaheim Ducks and Tampa Bay was better than Rangers.
Hockey fans should enjoy this final. This will surely be a very attractive match because both teams play to score more. The most effective players in the playoffs come precisely from these two teams. Tyler Johnson from the Lightning scored 12 goals, while Patrick Kane from Chicago 10 times on the list of scorers. When it comes to mutual duel, this team during the season played only two matches. In the first match is at home to Chicago was successful after extra time, while the next meeting Lightning in front of their fans celebrated with ubjedljvih 4: is 0. The first game in the series is always difficult to predict, but given the efficiency of these two teams, I think that this should be a match with plenty of goals.

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