23:30 Universitario de Sucre – The Strongest

U SUcre – The Strongest

Both teams come from high altitude and have their goals in the remaining matches.
U Sucre neglected Clausura. They showed really weak display in Clausura, especially up front here they only rely on Pavalchini to score the goals. Today they have some injured and supsended perfomers and there will be two players who have been given really small amunt of time so far: Jorge Rojas and Zambrana.
The Strongest proved me wrong 3 times already. After being eliminated from Libertadores they managed to pick themselves and are still in battle even for title after beating Bolivr in last rounds. Squad is really deep here and I really like the players they are going with to Sucre. Today they recover important midf. Chumacero.
Visitors have been really great in attack in Clausura, managed to score 45 goals in 20 games, despite going with B squad on a few occasions. They have a bad record aganst Sucre lately and that is one of the reasons why I won't stake higher here. Current price seems like great value to me, fair odds are around 2.00 for away win imo.

Probable line – ups:
U of Sucre: Ruben Olivares; Ramiro Ballivian, Ezequiel Filipetto, Jorge Cuellar, Jorge Flores; Crsitian Urdidinea, Jorge Rojas, Ruben de la Cuesta, Mauricio Saucedo Mauricio Balivieso (Martin Palavini); Raul Castro.

The Strongest Daniel Vaca; Jair Torrico, Fernando Martelli, German Centurion, Abraham Cabrera; Walter Veizaga Raul Castro; Alejandro Chumacero, Pablo Escobar, Gabriel Rios; Rodrigo Ramallo.

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