22:00 Sabadell – Tenerife

Sabadel – Tenerife
pick: 1

Sabadell playing really well after new coach Mandia was appointed and now salvaton is not a mirage, they are really close to 18th position. They have only 2 loses in last 13 games and een though in attacking plan things do not look good lately, their main weakness – the defence seem to have improved a lot. First goalie is out, however his substitute has been here for quite some time. Also captain Hidalgo is sidelined but attacking midfielder Collantes (31/9) is back in the squad.
Called players: De Navas, Victor, Ciércoles, Cristian, Carlos Hernandez, Collantes, M. Cat, Lucas Porcar, Clerc, Nauzet Hannibal Eguaras, Sotan, Marcos , M. Crespi, Kiko Olivas, Benja and Roigé Pol.

I really do not understand how a team like Tenerfie could be favoruites here, neither the raise in the odds for Sabadell. Visitors do not have that much problems in squad, still, they will go with 2nd GK today (who has 0 matches this campaign) and they have some players who are rather abck choise than regulars in the starting XI. They are terrible as visitors, lately playing quite weak.
Sabadel has been playing good against Tenerife lately – 2 wins and 1 loss (the reverse fixture which was quite poor display by both teams).
Hosts have some trouble with player who are out but I like their new face and at these odds I must go with them. For me correct line is -0.25 with 2.10-2.15. Higher stakes, GL!

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