20:45 Rangers – Motherwell

For me a pretty good guy to play, we know that the Rangers dropped because of financial difficulties in the 4th division, but bit by bit slowly came back today and played the first of two games that takes them into the most elite drustvo.Do finals came so as eject the Queen of South (1:2, 1:1) and Hibernian (2:0, 0:1).

Motherwell reached the final was free survival ekipa.Za have fought together for six teams, where they finished as fifth with 36 points (5 points less than cetvrtoplasiranog Kilmarnock).

Rangers: Seb Faure (5/0 d), Gael Bigrimana (0/0 m)
Motherwell: Iain Vigrus (11/2 d), Craig Reid (20/0 d)

I sincerely hope that the Rangers go into the first league to re-look at one of the biggest derby in the world with Celtic.

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