20:30 Holstein Kiel – 1860 Munich

Kiel probable lineup: Kronholm – Herrmann, Krause Wahl, Kohlmann – SIEDSCHLAG, Kegel, Vendelbo Kazior – Heider, Sčaffler
Probable lineup for 1860 Munchen: Eicher – Kagelmacher, Bulow, Schindler Bandowski – D.Stahl, Adlung – Simon, Rama, Wittek – Okotie
I cup matches these rivals played at the beginning of this season has shown that the 1860 Munchen still the better team. They have the second leg at home, so I do not have in this essay just rush of winning at all costs, but they are good enough not to lose, especially since it appears that the decline in Kiel form in the finish of the season.

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