19:00 Vitoria Setubal – Arouca

One more game that looks like as 3 to 3:
11:01:15 IN Arouca Setubal 1: 0
03/30/14 AT Arouca Setubal 1: 0
11/24/13 AT Setubal Arouca 1: 0
Two more rounds until the end, both teams are fighting for survival, are above the line, Porto has 26 points, 28 Arouca, Gil Vicente, which is below the line 23 and the game against Penafiel, Porto if you win this one and theoretically remain in the league because there are better Live from Penafiel regardless what happens in poslednjme round, Arouca should still point to the end of survival, and in the last round of play with a disinterested Morerirenseom.

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