19:00 Rijeka – Osijek

As regards the situation in the table, the second Rijeka is safe and it can not be changed, they were in the last round at home get Zadar a direct competitor of Osijek.
Osijek is the ninth in the standings and is located in the area leading to the playoffs a point less than in Istra and matches with Rijeka and Belupo, while Istria has matches against NK Dinamo Zagreb ZI, in HNLu first goal difference when looking to equalize the number of teams points, which can easily happen because I expect to Dinamo tore Istria which currently has a goal difference of 35:54 with 34 points, and Osijek 39:54 to take a point from the river and match based on the number of points after this round to Istria, but it has a far better goal difference and that in the last round against Belupo celebrates and stay in the league.
As for the composition, it is early to talk about it, Osijek should all play a more important player on the last game with Istria received 5 yellow cards, but they never see how much steam., Which means that Osijek has to come out in strong team in this match, which essentially does not matter if they match the above facts.

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