19:00 Ried – Altach

Ried lately play very bad, a lot of missed the match against weaker teams away which shows a score of 1 win in last 5 games .Thy are 6th position and I think it will stay there, the chances for the playoffs are definitely izgubili.2 important players they received a red card in the last game: Reifeltshammer (16/1 def) and Trauner (27/1 mid) while Janeczek (24/1 def) the last game received 9 yellow card so that it is suspended for the next 3 utakmice. Filipovic (12/2 def) did not play last game due to a knee injury, so he asked for this match..Two key midfielder Murg (26/2 mid) and Moschl (23/3 mid) are questionable due to injury .

Altach last match made big surprise draw against Salzburg. The team with big ambitions, quality and money, fighting for LE.Altach out: Netzer (23/3 def) Salomon (21/0 mid) Luxbacher (15/0 mid). All three have not played against Salzburg when they played 2-2. I think there is very much underrated Altach and think they can get away draw, and of course, win.

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