18:00 Thw Kiel – Veszprem

From the semi-finals I expect an interesting match, because the difference in quality is small, but still exists on the side of Kiel, which certainly knows how to win the Champions League trophy, while Veszprem harder to succeed. In addition, Kiel champion and current leader of the strongest leagues in the world, while Veszprem champion for years much weaker Hungarian league. Seven times have so far these teams met in the Champions League and five times won Kiel and Veszprem twice and both times when they played at home. Last season, they also met in the semifinals and then the Kiel won with 29:26.

Kiel is a slight favorite, but do not be a big surprise if Veszprem victory in this essay, because this team has shown that it is finally ready for the final, and perhaps even for the title. In Kiel, of course, never know, but I foresee a very uncertain game.

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