18:00 Ruch Chorzow – Belchatow

3 more rounds until the end of the barrage of fallout from the Polish Ekstraklasa and 4 round for these two teams played percent last match in this round, Beclhatow is stapled to the bottom of the table, realistic are the worst team of the league.Ruch is not quality, but I think they are a better team of Belchatow at least slightly, Ruch has 24 points, four more than Zawisło which is in the relegation zone, Belchatow has 17, four less than that of Corona is located in the safe zone.

Ruch for this game are there all the key players under question is only Oleksy 11/0.

Belchatow come without a few key players, are missing:

Baštová 28/2, Baran 28/0, Telichowski 28/0, Slusarski 22/5, 12/0 and Sawala Mak 3/0 questionable is Komolov 29/2.

with this victory Ruch is 99% secured survival.. and i play on them.

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