18:00 Napredak – Partizan Belgrade

Partizan will not let points to Napredak, because they won and so prevented them to win the title. Also, Napredak is Zvezdaski club and besides Partizan was on good terms with Vrsac fighting for survival so I expect Partizan revenge for last season.
I think they were a bit screwed Booker with such high odds because they think that Partizan already won the title and will not have a motive which is not true. The team will play complete with two possible changes that will have no impact.

22.04.14 SUP Napredak Partizan 2 : 0
21.04.10 SUP Napredak Partizan 0 : 1
15.11.08 SUP Napredak Partizan 0 : 4
25.05.08 SUP Napredak Partizan 0 : 1
12.12.07 SUP Napredak Partizan 0 : 2

Good odd, worth to try.

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