17:00 Radnik Bijeljina – Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the team that invests the most in Bosnia, the most expensive team and definitely the best team, this season they knocked down a lot of times people who bet on them, I once tipped and then passed, this is the second time.
Jos 4 rounds to finish, photo finish Sarajevo, Wishes and somewhat Siroki Brijeg, the fight for the title, Sarajevo has 56 points, 55 Desire, Siroki Brijeg 52nd
The worker was 5 points above the relegation zone and the chances are that it will not be changed even after this round because Mladost United Obarska with which the worker drew in the last round game with the railways.
As for the absence neither team was knocked compositions, what is the fact that a worker game without top scorer and Marko Obradovic 15/5 who got red in the last round.

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