13:50 Paolo Lorenzi – Remi Boutillier

Lorenzi is better player, but I think he will lose tommorow against Boutillier.

Why will he lose when he play semifinal? He will lose , i think, because he play Roland Garos in sunday. Lorenzi play against Muller on RG with which the ATP level 1-1 (Lorenzi won the last match). RG begins on Sunday, and if Lorenzi victory tomorrow he should stay on sunday in Turkey.

If Lorenzi win tomorrow, will earn € 3.600 qualified for the finals of the Challenger. If he play in the first round of RG and lost, he will receive 24.000 Euro . if he win against Muller and lose against Djokovic in the second round – will receive 42,000 EUR.

For me all is clear. I expect from them to lose tommor and go in France to prepare for first match.

We will see am I right.

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