12:20 Marinko Matosevic – Thomaz Bellucci

Bellucci play the finals in Geneva before 2 days, has already 17 wins on clay this year, it's his background, he was there as a fish in water. On the other hand the complete opposite, Marinko came for her portion of 27000euros how to get the win in the first round, the clay was 0:4 this year, 0:6 in sets with a surrender of all surfaces have the 4:14 the next to the last victory in February. Brazilian has a much tuime to rest. Marinko is 4x fell out in the round, once in the first round, and once came in second in the first beat Brown. This year we had the good fortune and a complete outsider in this match. And this is the same as for GGL, handicap can go and with the loss of a set.

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Life is BET ! :)

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